Review of the Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 34-inch monitor displaying vibrant game graphics

The Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD Monitor (C345B-QUT168) stands out in the crowded market of gaming monitors with its impressive blend of features tailored to enhance your digital experience. Whether you’re diving into expansive game worlds or juggling multiple tasks, this monitor promises to transform your interaction with digital content. Let’s delve deep into its capabilities, especially in gaming with consoles like the PS5, and see if it truly lives up to the hype.

Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor Compatibility with PS5

The journey of console gaming on a PC monitor often starts with compatibility checks. For PS5 owners, the Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor presents a few challenges off the bat. The native resolution of 3440 x 1440 isn’t automatically supported, necessitating a bit of finesse in the settings menu. Once you overcome this hurdle, the rewards are substantial, especially when you enable HDR to bring out the lush palettes of games like Gran Turismo 7.

Immersive Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming, this monitor is more than just a pretty face. Supporting up to 165Hz, it handles 120 FPS from the PS5 seamlessly, making it a sanctuary for gamers who thrive on fast-paced action. Games like Destiny 2 and Modern Warfare 2 (2022) benefit immensely from this fluid dynamic, although be prepared for the occasional black screen flash as the monitor adjusts. This minor glitch is a small price to pay for otherwise stellar performance.

Unparalleled Display Quality

The Sceptre monitor brings your games and videos to life with its 99% sRGB coverage, ensuring vibrant and true-to-life colors. This is particularly important for creative professionals and enthusiasts who demand accuracy as much as gamers do immersion. However, be aware of the black bars that may appear with older media that can’t fill the ultrawide screen—this can be a drawback for some.

Design and Features for Modern Users

The curved design of the Sceptre 34-Inch Monitor isn’t just for aesthetics—it’s about immersion and reducing eye strain. The ultrawide aspect ratio offers expansive digital real estate, perfect for those who multitask extensively. Features like Picture by Picture enhance productivity, allowing you to manage multiple feeds at once. All this packaged in a sleek, machine black finish that will fit any modern setup.

Value for Money: A Cost-Effective Powerhouse

For the budget-conscious gamer or multitasker, this monitor strikes an excellent balance between cost and performance. Offering high-end features without the premium price tag, it represents a smart purchase for anyone looking to upgrade their digital playground.

Concluding Thoughts on the Sceptre 34-Inch Monitor

While there are initial setup hurdles to overcome, particularly for console gamers, the Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor is a formidable contender in its category. Balancing price, performance, and features, it is well-suited for anyone looking to enhance their viewing or gaming experience without breaking the bank.


  • High refresh rate of up to 165Hz ensures smooth gameplay
  • HDR enhances color depth for vivid gaming and video experiences
  • Dual-functionality as a gaming and multitasking device with features like Picture by Picture


  • Requires initial adjustments for full PS5 compatibility
  • Occasional black screen flashes at higher frame rates can disrupt gameplay
  • Not all media can fully utilize the ultrawide aspect, leading to unused screen space

Overall, the Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD Monitor (C345B-QUT168) offers robust performance and good value, making it a viable choice for enhancing your digital experiences, from gaming to professional tasks.

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